Exposing the Invisible - The Kit

Getting started

Since you're here, this is the kit for you. This section is about getting you started with an understanding of what the kit is about and what it means to start an investigation.

The Kit

This kit is a starting point for those who believe in the power of information as evidence.

You're already an investigator

You are already an investigator. That is why you are here.

What makes an investigation

A look at the most important elements of an investigation.

How to investigate

Whether you want to apply advanced internet searches, recover deleted online content, use maps to verify information, or more, here you can get an understanding of the key techniques to use in your investigation.

Search Smarter by Dorking

A look at advanced internet searches with “Google dorking.”

Retrieving and Archiving Information from Websites

Explore ways to find and retrieve historical and ‘lost’ information online.

How to See What’s Behind a Website

A practical overview of tools and techniques to investigate the ownership of websites.

Using Maps to See Beyond the Obvious

How to use maps, geographic data and satellite imagery to find and visualise information.

Away From Your Screen, Out in the Field

Plan, run and evaluate your field investigations safely and effectively.

Interviews: the Human Element of Your Investigation

How to interview and maintain safe contact with people during your investigations.

How to Manage Your Sources

Learn to develop and maintain human sources to enrich your investigations.

What to investigate

Understanding more about what you're investigating helps you search for the right tools, techniques and data sources to answer your questions. Here you can explore topics and case studies or find inspiration to start your own investigation.

Supply Chain and Product Investigations

An introduction to supply chain investigation methods and resources.

Extracting Information From Social Apps: A case of exposed data

A real-world example of an investigation into the data collected by an app.

Exploring Connections Between Political Parties and Personal Data Brokers in the UK

Insights into an investigation on the use of voters’ personal data in political campaigns.

Want to contribute

The Kit is an expanding resource. We are always looking for more content, new contributors or just ideas for new topics. Please contact our team with suggestions or questions about collaborations by writing to eti@tacticaltech.org