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Contributing Authors: Ankita Anand, Annabel Church, Hang Do Thi Duc, Wael Eskandar, Alison Killing, Jess Lempit, Hanna Liubakova, Offray Luna-Cárdenas, Amber Macintyre, Filip Milosevic, Matt Mitchell, Bianca Mondo, Brad Murray, Megha Rajagopalan, Laura Ranca, Mario Rautner, Gabi Sobliye, Carolyn Thompson, Marek Tuszynski, Jose Felix Farachala Valle, Chris Walker, Johanna Wild

Editors: Natalie Holmes, Christy Lange, Karolle Rabarison, Laura Ranca, Michael Runyan

Design: Tactical Tech’s design team - Cade Diehm (design lead), Ida Flik, Yiorgos Bagakis, Philipp Dollinger

Developers: Jacopo Anderlini, Laurent Delleré, Wael Eskandar, Zach Green, Danja Vasiliev, Chris Walker

Illustrator: Ann Kiernan

Communications: Daisy Kidd

Project Team Behind The Kit: Wael Eskandar, Christy Lange, Matt Mitchell, Laura Ranca, Gabriela Rodriguez Berón, Marek Tuszynski, Chris Walker, Leil Zahra

Special Thanks: This kit would not have been possible without our collaboration with Share Lab and Share Foundation in co-hosting the 2017 Data Investigation Camp and the 2018 Citizen Investigation Kit Residency.

The Kit would also not have been possible without the hard work of Exposing the Invisible’s former project lead Gabi Sobliye.

Special, special thanks to the Perast Group!

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